WITH A CAREER IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS THAT STARTED AT 14 YEARS OF AGE, BILAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN ENTREPRENEUR. Growing up in a family of successful entrepreneurs helped. So did studying in international relations and global business at the University of Southern California, along with his work as a research analyst at Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles and New York. He served as financial director for a lifestyle accessories company (taking it from a few hundred thousand to $6.7 million in four years) and ran his own successful startup business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Bilal is helping take New Earth to new heights. He knows the impact our business can have on millions of people the world over.



JERRY ANCHORS OUR COMPANY WITH A KNOWLEDGE OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND OUR CORE PRODUCT'S UNIQUE ECOSYSTEM. He has been the driving force behind New Earth's strides in harvesting and processing technologies over the past 15+ years. A research and development scientist with degrees in chemistry and history, Jerry began working here in 1998 in our R&D department. He became the company's President in 2010.

A health and outdoor fitness enthusiast and Klamath Falls native, Jerry has always held New Earth as a labor of love.



KEVIN HAS BEEN LEADING TEAMS AND CREATING STRATEGIC SALES AND MARKETING INITIATIVES FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS in industries including software, education, and network marketing. He has propelled brands onto the global stage. Joining the New Earth executive team in 2013, Kevin says he found "the pinnacle of entrepreneurship" here. Kevin believes the best way to make a difference is by giving a life of service, one person at a time.



DOUG WAS A PIVOTAL FORCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE TECHNOLOGY AND MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS AT NEW EARTH. As a mechanically gifted 19-year-old college undergrad, he helped design and supervise construction of the innovative lake harvester that became the forerunner of New Earth's present-day technology. With degrees from Oregon Institute of Technology in structural and civil engineering, he brings a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge to the task of managing New Earth's multifaceted operation.