From the dawn of New Earth to the present, innovation and continual improvement is a core value of ours—especially when it comes to harvesting, processing, and manufacturing.


At New Earth, organic Wild Microalgae® is handled with extreme care, ensuring that its extraordinary nutritional properties are preserved and protected throughout processing. Our in-house designed and built system takes into account that freshwater algae are very sensitive to heat. Valuable nutrients are easily lost if microalgae are not handled carefully during every stage of harvesting and processing. The unique, efficient, and eco-friendly harvesters New Earth utilizes have patent-pending technology that contribute to the exclusive quality of our AFA.


New Earth uses a number of proprietary processes that yields third party certificates such as organic, halal, kosher and paleo friendly. We also employ Bioactive Dehydration®, a low-temperature drying process that preserves natural vitamins, enzymes, and other phytonutrients. The quality of this drying system is superior to freeze-drying, especially for heat-sensitive nutrients such as chlorophyll and enzymes. In addition, because the algae is dried at temperatures below 105° F, it qualifies as a "raw food."


New Earth maintains the highest manufacturing standards to ensure the integrity of the products we produce. Our company is registered by NSF International to United States Food & Drug Administration’s (USFDA) Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements. Our facilities also carry a GMP For Sport® registration so you can be confident that substances banned by sports organizations will not be present in any products.