The New Earth community was formed around products worth sharing. Associates from diverse backgrounds agree that our products are life changing and they want others to experience them too. They know they are a part of something bigger, something that is meaningful and contributes to the health of friends, family and contacts.

Donia Al Alawi
Independent Associate

“I’m a graduate of the University of Washington. When I went back to school for another degree, my late husband encouraged me to start a home-based business. I did exactly that!

The greatest skill I have developed is falling in love with doing research. I learned early on that health and nutrition are subjects I love to learn about. I had multiple health challenges and was motivated to find out how to fix my body (and did!).

I turned my hobby of researching health and nutrition into a business specializing in the distribution of natural and organic whole food products from New Earth.

Research proves natural products are far better for the body than synthetics or processed foods. I started writing articles with health information for a group in the several thousands. I’m also a lecturer on the same subjects and have recorded videos on the topic of healing with whole foods.

In short, I’m an educated health nut. My business encourages me to continue researching health and nutrition and passing on that information. It’s allowed me to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. I receive thank you messages from all over the world! They have been impacted positively by eating a whole food diet and taking New Earth supplements. It gives me the greatest pleasure and emotional gratification and encourages me to keep going.”

Barbara Swanson
Independent Associate

Barbara often travels to speak as a professional business coach and nutritional consultant.

She recently published Beyond Foods: The Handbook of Functional Nutrition about how nutrition creates health. It won the Bronze medal at the national ELit awards for excellence in the health genre and is being republished.

A little about her New Earth story, in her own words:

“New Earth has changed the course of my life in ways my entire family has benefitted from. I have opportunities to travel with a career most only dream of. I’ve stepped into a leadership role that’s changed my entire being. And at nearly 60 years of age, I am stronger, clearer and have more energy and focus than ever.

Best of all, I make my living by continually giving back to those who are most important to me—my family and the New Earth network (also my family).”

Bonnie Weaver
Independent Associate

“I went to school for Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University, then to Florida for an internship in sports medicine in 1991; thus began my 23-year career in fitness and nutrition. As a certified nutrition specialist and herbalist, I opened several nutrition programs in South Florida. I teach nutrition as a way of life: whether it’s for athletic performance, weight loss or battling disease, being healthy begins with nutrition.

For the last 15 years, I have expanded my focus towards athletic performance, biomechanics and corrective exercise. I’m building a foundation with my athletes, helping correct imbalances that lead to decreased performance and injury. I work with athletes of all types and ages. The ultimate goal is to build better athletes and healthier people with function, fitness and food.

I’ve focused on health and fitness for a long time. Before New Earth came along, I had never seen or taken products that came close to comparing. My clients with digestive disorders have seen tremendous results. They have noticed differences with improved training intensity, muscle recovery and decreased joint pain. I have IBS and, since starting on Wild Essentials, I haven’t had a problem! Years of training athletes have led to a lot of body aches and EDGE has eliminated 90 percent of that!

New Earth has given me hope for a world increasingly filled with disease.”

Bucky Dent
Independent Associate

“Growing up I lived all over, but spent the most time in Miami. That’s where my passion for baseball began. My professional career began when I signed with the Chicago White Sox. I was traded to the Yankees, played in the World Series and once hit a 3-run homer. In 1982, I was traded to Texas and finished my playing career in Kansas City. From 1985 to 2007, I managed and coached in the minors and major leagues. I’ve been speaking at corporate events ever since.

One of my greatest accomplishments was running a baseball school in Delray Beach for kids for 37 years. We were considered one of the top schools in the country.

New Earth’s products have done wonders for me. I take them all: Wild Essentials, EDGE, Mind, Enzymes, Rebound and Flex. My muscles don’t ache, my bones don’t ache, and I feel younger! My whole family has had similar results. When I take EDGE, it’s like a constant energy is there all the time—no lulls in my day. It used to be, around 3 in the afternoon, I’d crash. Now I feel constant energy all day long.

I’m involved with New Earth because I totally believe in their products. I’m also excited about creating a business opportunity with a great company and really great people. I want to help people get healthy. There are far too many products out there not doing what they’re supposed to do. Luckily, New Earth doesn’t belong in that category. It works!”

Jeffrey Bruno
Independent Associate

Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, a parent, and married to Linda. He specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families. Bruno has a distinct interest in holistic, drug-free approaches, such as Emotional Transformation Therapy and is also author of Eat Light & Feel Bright: Microalgae Solutions for Individual and Planetary Health. A popular lecturer, Bruno speaks regularly on the importance of micronutrients and methods for healing.

When not at the office, Bruno enjoys the coastal environment of Northern California. He loves to hike, bike, kayak, snow and water ski, and recently took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Bruno values time spent with his wife, Linda, and daughter, Tylia. The extended family expands to include a bird, fish, cats, dogs, and horses.

Bruno has shared New Earth Products as long as the company has existed. The unique and proven health-promoting products keep him passionate about the business. As an example of health and someone that embodies a true spirit of service, he advocates how New Earth helps transform individuals both personally and collectively.

Kim Bright
Independent Associate

“I am blessed to have three amazing children as well as a delightful New Earth business. I’m a Gold 50!

I grew up in the wonderful state of Colorado. From an early age, I had a deep respect and love of nature. Other interests started early as well, including travel, reading, gardening, sports, acting, singing, dancing, cooking, herbology, and nutrition. I started as an entrepreneur by age 7, selling Christmas and gift cards door-to-door. I attended college overseas and studied and taught at The Kushi Institute in Boston. I have worked on Wall Street (oil and gas industry), had my own organic restaurant, owned a healing center, as well as three other businesses. When I had the opportunity to try and share Earth’s first foods, I discovered it was a right fit.

My family and I have used all of their products over the years. Both products and company are of the highest possible quality, promoting phenomenal health on a cellular level. My business has enabled me to live a bountiful life. I enjoy a large measure of freedom, get to meet many lovely people, and travel all over this beautiful planet. Thank you, New Earth!”

Madalyn Ward
Independent Associate

“When I was introduced to New Earth, I had a busy veterinary practice. A friend introduced me, but I was skeptical of using the products on animals. I tried them on only my chronic cases and was very impressed with the results. I started exploring the impact of whole foods versus formulated nutritional supplements and discovered whole foods—especially microalgae—offered far superior results.

As I told others about this company, I found myself building a business that offered the time freedom I lacked. Years later I still use all the products. What’s more, I have a steady additional source of income allowing for life balance. I love New Earth. Being a part of it has changed my life!

In my spare time, I enjoy riding my horses. I also have a vegetable garden, where I get to improve on the soil by growing plants without using chemicals.”

Stephanie Yeh
Independent Associate

“No matter where I live, I will always be from Austin and a lifelong Texan. I have grown up loving, riding, and being around horses. My true love is jumping these giant creatures over as many obstacles as I can!

I have a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas and have authored more than 10 published books. I use them to help promote my favorite topics, including New Earth, our online school (, health and wealth, pet rescue, horses, and more.

During the last five years, I’ve pushed the limits of my horseback riding and work to ever greater limits. I have needed more energy and more products to deal with my horse-related accidents, as I’ve broken a lot of bones. Lucky for me, I have New Earth! For years, the products have blessed me, my family, and friends with health and wealth. The staff, along with our upline and downline, continue to be the greatest people in the world. My husband and I love working with and enjoying them every day! It’s been a true pleasure.”

Hannah Ineson
Independent Associate

Hannah Ineson, of Damariscotta, Maine and Naples, Florida, has had an entrepreneurial spirit all her adult life. At age 70, she still pursues business ventures as an artist and as an active Associate with New Earth.

A University of Rochester NY graduate, she has had a lifelong interest in wellness, healing and nutrition. She is a passionate gardener and was for many years co-owner of a macrobiotic center in mid-coast Maine. After incorporating Wild Microalgaeª in their diet, she and her family quickly found this ancient food, Wild Microalgaeª, invaluable for supporting mood, focus, and stamina as well as added immune support.

Thanks to the residual income from New Earth, she has also been able to devote more time to developing as an artist. She continues to paint and exhibit her work, and to teach workshops, in both Maine and Florida.

Through her New Earth business, these organic and wild-crafted foods have benefitted hundreds of people (and animals!) including people who could not otherwise access them in Guatemala and the Philippines. She is director of a project that partners with non-profits in both countries. One serves former street children in Guatemala City; the other benefits impoverished residents of a former leper colony in the Culion Islands. Thanks to the generosity of New Earth, products are regularly shipped with other aid to these projects.

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